Before choosing a software solution, it is good to understand what its roadmap holds.

In addition to maintaining and updating new versions for mobile and browsers, we seek to continuously provide new features for a mature and complete product like nCore HR.

We strive to make nCore HR be the best ally for human resources professionals; to do this, we must always look ahead, setting ourselves ambitious targets, exploiting modern technologies and imagining the future.

Please see our roadmap below. For reasons of confidentiality and/or due to the waiting period for official patent registration, some features will be announced with a minimum notice concerning the release date of the private beta. Each new feature will always have the following distribution process: Private beta (only for customers enrolled in the private beta programme – by invitation only) > Public beta (functionality available to all customers) > Release (functionality released on the market). Some features may only be available for certain plans.

01/2018 Calendar Manager Official Release

The nCore HR Calendar Manager function has concluded its path in beta and has been released publicly. Calendar Manager allows you to organise appointments with a vast number of candidates in a completely independent way. Calendar Manager is a unique feature of the nCore HR (Patent pending) platform.

01/2018 Live Interview

The candidate can also enter Live Interview from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android via Safari and the Chrome browser, without the use of any plugins. With this new release, the nCore HR technology for recorded video interviews and live conferencing is compatible with 97% of devices, without using any plugins.

12/2017 Video Interview

The Video Interview experience is now also available on Android devices directly from Chrome, and on Mac with Safari browsers, without the need for any plugins or apps.

09/2017 Live Interview with Calendar Manager (Public Beta Release)

Live video interviews via browser without the need to install plugins or download other video conferencing software. Automatic management of appointments with candidates and interfacing with the HR calendar for availability control.

09/2017 App nCore HR iOS (Design iPhone & iPad)

Officially released, the native iOS App for iPhone and iPad by nCore HR. This app, available on the Apple Marketplace, allows the candidate to record asynchronous video interviews. The app is very simple to use and does not require registration; you can log in with the email address used for the application and with a unique code. All application contents (logos, images, texts, colours) can be changed from the nCore HR administration panel.

Link Apple Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/interview/id1317231786?mt=8