Role of partners

nCore HR is a major business opportunity for all Systems Integrators, Solution Providers, Website Developers, Web Agencies and IT Consultants.

The numerous patents on the application, the exclusivity of the Data Hunter engine, and the unique features of nCore HR make it a highly compelling and attractive solution for companies with one or more people in Human Resources.

Even its price, with a monthly subscription service business model, positions it in a strategic band able to make the difference in the coming years on the Italian and European market.

nCore HR provides accesses dedicated to Partners who can conveniently configure and manage the setups of client companies who do not wish to, or are unable to do so independently. Even our API’s, for possible implementations on company sites, provide a very simple integration, and are supported by robust, structured documentation.

It is possible to carry out many activities from the company control panel:

  • Customisation of the company job board, in line with graphic specifications and customer communication;
  • Integration of job vacancies published via nCore HR within the customer site via API’s;
  • DNS configuration;
  • Import of currently vacant positions;
  • Creation of employer branding pages in HTML;
  • Training courses.

All of this allows partner companies to deliver a highly customised version of nCore HR to the end customer. The result is a decidedly high perceived value.

The nCore HR Team organises courses dedicated to partners and issues certifications that guarantee expertise in the application, as well as strategies for the optimal use of our software.