Scores and answers with exclusion

Defines the order of the CV's, automatically excluding those unsuitable

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On average, approximately 300 CV’s are received per position. There can of course be many more for certain positions, sometimes less, but there are still definitely a lot of them.

That is why, with nCore HR, when opening the position, you can pre-set questions with closed answers. A score can be associated to each answer and, eventually, the candidate excluded for choosing a specific answer.

This method can produce an initial CV sorting established on the basis of candidate score, built on what really matters for that specific position. You can also decide, upon reaching a certain score, to invite the candidate to immediately participate in a video interview. And you may also choose to retrieve some candidates who were automatically discarded via exclusion responses.

Key points of nCore HR in the evaluation of candidates:
  • Create questions with closed answers and assigns scores
  • Discard candidates in case of certain responses
  • Determine the sorting of incoming CV’s based on the score achieved

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